Imagine this: You're paddling a kayak six miles off the Florida coast when a sailfish bigger than you peels off with the fishing line at your rear. This is David Gauzens' day-to-day. A Miami native, Gauzens knows glitz—but he shuns it as part of a small, gritty band of kayak fishermen who forsake flashy boats for utilitarian pieces of plastic to pursue their passion. High seas, storms and even capsizing can’t deter him from exhausting encounters with prehistoric fish—and he learns in the process just how little he needs to be content.

Director and Producer: Kjell Redal

Duration: 10:37

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Director Biography - Kjell Redal

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Kjell Redal is a director, cinematographer, and photojournalist whose work revolves around outdoor adventure and social issues. He was a photographer at The Seattle Times and studied visual journalism in college before pivoting to film production. Kjell works in the documentary and commercial space with past clients including the National Geographic Channel, NASA, and Netflix. He specializes in drone imagery, frequently incorporating the unique angles in his work. Kjell resides in Boulder, Colorado.