• Host the World Tour

    Host the World Tour

    Since 2006, the Paddling Film Festival and World Tour has been showcasing the very best paddling films. The World Tour plays in cities around the world. So far it’s screened over 1000 times to more than 296,864 audience members. The Paddling Film Festival has awarded $94,000 in cash prizes to filmmakers and World Tour hosts have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charitable projects. The Paddling Film Festival World Tour has grown to become one of the largest paddling events in the world.

    We’re committed to supporting our local outdoor communities with engaging live shows in theatres, school auditoriums and church basements. We believe the best place to see the year's best paddling films is on the big screen surrounded by friends and family.

    Call Ray today to dsicuss the details;
    1-61-706-0677 ext 118

  • Rent the Virtual Tour  

    Rent the Virtual Tour

    Want to bring the film festival to your community but don't have the time, space or resources just yet? We've got you covered. In 2020 we launched the Virtual Tour to allow audiences worldwide to watch all the films on-demand from the comfort of home.

    Share the Virtual Tour with your paddling community by sharing a personalized link to the on-demand Virtual Film Festival.

    Earn up to 50% commission on Virtual Film Festival rentals
    when your club members purchase through your link, at no extra cost to the buyer and no cost to you.

    Call Amy today to discuss the details.

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