Oceans 2021 Virtual Program

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About the Oceans Program

These six films celebrate the joys, dangers and passion of ocean paddling. Kayak to Alaska’s most remote lighthouse on a mission to protect the ocean from plastic. Join David Gauzens as he paddles out to battle pre-historic fish on the high seas—storms and even capsizing can’t deter him from exhausting encounters with trophy sailfish. Plus: A son reckons with his famous father’s disappearance in Lost at Sea; Casper Steinfath becomes the first person to SUP the treacherous Skagerrak strait solo; and live, breath and dance beneath the moon with the guides of the Salish Sea in this year’s Best Sea Kayak Film award winner.

Duration: 2hr 14 min 


Price: $15 USD (10-day rental once you make your purchase). 

Access this content and share the program with your entire household. Watch on your TV by using Chromecast or by connecting your computer to the TV using an HDMI cable.