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Celebrate diverse and compelling narratives from paddling communities worldwide with the 2024 Voices program. Through stories as can only be told from the water, this two hours and 26 minute, 11-film program, presents the characters and communities for which our rivers, oceans and lakes are life. From African canyons to Canadian peaks, and frozen coasts,  join us as we listen to the voices of paddling.

Films included
  • Near The River - 11:15
  • Mi’kma’ki: Gwitna’q (Land Of The Mi'kmaw: Travel By Canoe) - 14:26
  • Sleeping Giants - 32:25
  • Origen - 04:57
  • Renovating a canoe while running a marathon - 21:42
  • The River - 11:00
  • Life Downstream: The Story Of The Wabigoon River - 10:10
  • How To Stern Squirt Your Kayak- 09:40
  • The Coppermine River - 13:02
  • Stakeout (Behind The Scenes) - 04:56
  • International Whitewater Hall Of Fame Class Of 2023 - 12:36

Program duration: 2 Hours, 26 Minutes

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$18.50 USD
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11 winning & shortlisted films

Duration: 2 hours, 26 Minutes

10-day rental

Instant access on any device

Voices 2024
Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024 Voices 2024

Watch Trailers

  • Near The River

In the tourism town of Livingstone, Zambia, a group of local men who make their living portering kayaks aspire to become safety kayakers on the Zambezi River. Meanwhile, the proposed Batoka Gorge Hydroelectric Power Station threatens to flood the famous Zambezi rapids and eliminate river-related jobs.

Darby McAdams
Darby McAdams, Rush Sturges

  • Life Downstream: The Story Of The Wabigoon River

At first glance, the Wabigoon River appears to be a playground for whitewater kayakers. But hidden beneath the surface lies a story of one of the worst cases of mercury contamination in Canadian history and its impact on the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation. It is said that throwing one stone into a river can change the course of that river forever. Dumping 10 tons of mercury into a river not only changes the nature of the river, but also all life downstream.

Director: Nolan Sawatzky
Producer: Nolan Sawatzky, Steven Walker

  • Renovating A Canoe While Running A Marathon - Best Canoeing Film 2024

In between all the dust and rot and problem-solving of giving a banged-up fleet canoe a new lease on life, Beau Miles runs around his paddock to complete a marathon. "I did this non-stop for 24 hours, and by golly, it was a bloody great day," says Miles.

Director: Beau Miles
Producers: Beau Miles, Mitch Drummond

Best Canoeing Film Sponsored bu: Rhèaume Canoes

  • Mi’kma’ki: Gwitna’q (Land Of The Mi'kmaw: Travel By Canoe)

For the Mi’kmaq community of Miawpukek First Nation, reviving the birch bark canoe building tradition becomes a way to connect to the past and ensure cultural survival.

Director and Producer: Wendell G. Collier

  • Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giants explores Iceland's coastline by paddle. Join two sea kayakers as they experience intimate wildlife encounters, paddling under dramatic towering cliffs, surfing in blizzards and gliding past icebergs.

Director & Producer:
James Stevenson, Simon Osborne

  • Origen

Pro kayaker Kilian Ivelic from Pucon, Chile, shares his life on the water.

Gonzalo Robert
Producers: Kilian Ivelic

  • How To Stern Squirt Your Kayak - Winner of Best Instructional Film 2024

This film details a step-by-step progression of how to do a version of the stern squirt. This is a fun advanced kayaking maneuver that has many variations.

Director: Matt Allen
Producers: Simon Coward

Best Instructional category sponsor: Thompson Rivers University Adventure Studies Department

  • The Coppermine River

This film features epic adventure and the allure of northern rivers. Join a group of new and experienced paddlers during a daring trip down the Coppermine River in 2023.

Director & Producers: Nicholas Castel

  • Stakeout (Behind The Scenes)

After a chilly day on the water, Ben Marr ponders the spirit of Stakeout, a grassroots whitewater gathering that has stood the test of time and keeps drawing him back, year after year.

Director: Caleb Roberts

  • International Whitewater Hall Of Fame Class Of 2023

This film honors and celebrates the accomplishments of Class of 2023 International Whitewater Hall of Fame Inductees and their contributions to whitewater sport: Bryce Whitmore (USA) - Pioneer; Mike Jones (GBR) - Explorer; Manfred Vogt (DEU) - Champion; Jamie McEwan (USA) - Champion; Isamu Tatsuno (Japan) - Advocate; and Pete Skinner (USA) - Advocate.

Director: Chris Preparato

  • The River

It starts at home scouring Google Earth, then putting a pin on the map and figuring out how to get there. Sometimes getting there means heli-rafting. The River documents a fly-fishing, river rafting trip of a lifetime in the remotest depths of the Selkirk Mountain Range near Revelstoke BC.

Directors: Dave Pehowich & Mitch Cheek
Producer: Mitch Cheek

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