Voice Above Water

About Voice Above Water

Director: Dana Frankoff
Producer: Dana Frankoff, Eric Ebner

This is the story of a 90-year-old Balinese fisherman, Wayan, who can no longer fish because of the vast amount of plastic pollution in the ocean. Wayan instead uses his fishing boat and net to collect trash from the ocean in hopes of one day being able to fish again. The story is a glimpse into how one human uses his resources to make a difference and a reminder that if we all play our part, we can accomplish something much greater than ourselves.

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Director Biography - Dana Frankoff
Dana Frankoff is a filmmaker in Northern California who has helped make academy award-wining films come to life. Her directorial debut, "Voice Above Water" is a short documentary that combines her passion for protecting the ocean and storytelling. Her overall goal as a filmmaker is to tell emotional stories that motivate people towards living a sustainable lifestyle and help make the world a healthier place. Dana strives to motivate environmental action through filmmaking. She uses her passion for the ocean, sustainability, culture and storytelling as a way to touch audience members and inspire change.
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