The Mystery

There’s a subculture of kayaking known by few and understood by fewer. The paddlers don diving goggles and neoprene and slide into thin, uncomfortable boats not meant to float but designed to sink. Below the waterline, their goal is to stay underwater as long as they can. This is squirt boating. The Mystery offers a rare glimpse into this obscure sport and the dedicated few who keep the tradition alive.

Directors: Forest Woodward and Tommy Penick

Duration: 11:17

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Director Biography - Forest Woodward, Tommy Penick

Tommy Penick and Forest Woodward both owe most of their scars to rivers around the Southeast, and that love sparked a friendship and partnership that has led the duo from backyard ramblings, to Alaskan promenades. After years of talking about a southern collaboration on a river project, the team dove into squirtboating, a representation of all things they love about southeastern river culture.