The Legend of Muksu
The Muksu is regarded as one of the most difficult rivers in the former Soviet Union, a glacial torrent cutting through a series of blind canyons in the thin air of the Pamir Mountains. Just getting to the put-in involved six days of driving along the fabled Silk Road, and a 20-mile hike over a 15,000-foot pass while carrying boats and supplies for 10 days on the river. Only three parties had run the river before and the last had been forced to evacuate a team member due to high altitude pulmonary edema. The Legend of Muksu tells a story of great friendship, burning bridges and leaving everything behind you and a journey into the unknown.

Director and Producer: Olaf Obsommer

Duration: 41:00
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Director Biography - Olaf Obsommer

Olaf got the first tender touches with the wonderful world of paddling as a baby in his mother’s belly canoeing the River Rhine. From that point on, things progressed quickly. Olaf grew tall, taller still, eventually huge. Now – for a long time, long before the smartphone epidemic – he has been traveling the earth exploring wild rivers

His camera is always with him, capturing these adventures for eternity. For this, he has been honored several times with film prizes and media awards. But his professional photography career was obstructed by »other jobs«. He completed training as an industrial mechanic, before dropping out of both a mechanical engineering and nursing education, and eventually trained as a certified geriatric nurse, working in the profession for eight years. Now, as a self-proclaimed media mogul, a travel/kayak expedition lecturernd president of Big-O-Productions, Obsommer has found finally his passion in storytelling

Many of his adventures captured with his camera, were aired in German TV like ZDF, RTL, NTV, N24, SAT1 and BR3. His work has been described by TV stations as »sensational action and nature shots«. During his live-interviews he shares his adventures in an honest and light-hearted way, including ample funny stories.