Voices 2022 Virtual Program

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About the Voices Program 2022

The Voices 2022 virtual program could also have been called People, Culture or Stories. These 11 inspiring films are the voices of real people putting paddling at the core of their lives. The award-winning documentary Sheri is the journey of the incredibly strong entrepreneur leading the way within the male-dominated packrafting industry. Voice Above Water shares the story of a 90-year old Balanise canoe fisherman cleaning the ocean of plastic pollution and fighting to keep his traditional way of life. And on a lighter note, there’s always time between rapids in the Grand Canyon for joking and celebrating traditional wooden boats in the film, Dory Land. Rent the Voices 2022 virtual program to hear these stories and eight more in more than two hours of enlightening films about real people who care.

Voices 2022 Virtual Program Films:

  • Sheri (Duration: 24:00)

    Director: James Q Martin | Producer: Sheila Smithson

  • Voice Above Water (Duration: 11:15)

    Director: Dana Frankoff | Producer: Dana Frankoff, Eric Ebner

  • Loon (Duration: 09:51)

    Directors: Jason Whalen, Chris Zuker 

  • Dory Land (Duration: 21:44)

    Director: Logan Bockrath

  • High Water (Duration: 09:55)

    Director & Producer: David Hartman

  • Aniakchak (Duration: 25:00)

    Director: Forest Woodward, Graham Zimmerman | Producer: Jim Aikman, Graham Zimmerman

Duration: 2 hours, 29 mins.

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