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Adventure 2022

What does adventure mean to you? For the stars of the Adventure 2022 virtual program, it’s canoeing the first recorded descent of a little-known river in Northern Quebec’s remote polar tundra in Following Lines; and the risks of whitewater kayaking with crocodiles on class V endangered rivers in Kwanaza: The Drowning Diamond of Angola. Adventure is the burning curiosity keeping us sea kayaking around the Next Headland. Adventure can also be found in the mundane tasks of everyday life, just ask award-winning Australian filmmaker Beau Miles as he undertakes a four-day commute to work kayaking down a forgotten childhood river.

The Commute: A Four Day Paddle To Work
The Last Wilderness Of Scotland
Following Lines
The Next Headland
Fluid Trails
Kwanza: The Drowning Diamond of Angola
Wood On Water

Rugged men and women paddling places they probably shouldn’t in search of stirring experiences. What you’d expect from the best adventure films of the year.

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7 winning & shortlisted films

Duration: 2 hours, 58 min

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Adventure Program 2022 Adventure Program 2022 Adventure Program 2022 Adventure Program 2022 Adventure Program 2022 Adventure Program 2022 Adventure Program 2022 Adventure Program 2022
Adventure Program 2022

Watch Trailers

  • The Commute: A Four Day Paddle To Work

Following two rivers, one drain, one sea and one creek, it turns out paddling to work—which ends up being mostly a drag over four full days—is bloody hard work. The Commute is an intimate view into the good and bad of humanity. Told with award-winning filmmaker Beau Miles’ trademark mix of humor and philosophy, what started as a stunt turns out to be the hardest, most insightful four days of travel he’s ever done. 

Director: Beau Miles
Producers: Beau Miles, Mitch Drummond

  • The Last Wilderness Of Scotland

This film documents Jamie Barnes’ and Ian Finch’s attempt at completing a circuit of remote lochs in the Scottish Highlands connected via a series of rugged portages. The elements challenged their journey, forcing them to discuss options and adapt their plan. 

Director & Producer: Jamie Barnes

  • Following Lines

Seeking a deeper encounter with the territory of the Inuit, six paddlers plan to make the first recorded descent of a little-known river in northern Quebec. Tradition survives in the life and language of the Inuit. Their knowledge of the physical world and the seasons guides the team in its journey. Set against an imposing background of snow, tundra and whitewater rapids, this documentary is a call to go beyond: out onto the land, and inward into ourselves.

Director & Producer: Francois Leger-Savard

  • Kwanza: The Drowning Diamond of Angola

Rumors emerged from Angola about a river the size of the Zambezi laden with rapids, but hidden behind an iron layer of bureaucracy and the aftermath of a 27-year civil war that raged across wild savannahs. Those rumors lured three expedition kayakers on the adventure of a lifetime. Kwanza is the story of Mike Dawson, Dewet Michau and Jake Holland, who embrace the challenge of the wild Kwanza River and race against time to kayak its mighty rapids before dams drown them.

Director: Mike Dawson
Producers: Mike Dawson, Jake Holland 

  • Fluid Trails

Fluid Trails follows three adventurers as they make their way across Kahurangi National Park in New Zealand via mountain bike and packraft. The park is an ancient place with rare birds, rolling alpine tussock, earthquake shattered peaks and towering podocarp forests. A place of colonialism, gold fever and exertion. A place of cascading rivers and winding singletrack.

Director: Deane Parker
Producers: Deane Parker, Dylan Gerwschitz

  • The Next Headland

Utilizing sailing as a vehicle to access distant frontiers, Jeff Allen sets out to explore the intricacies of coastlines around the world by sea kayak. He lives and breathes the ocean and life afloat, as well as the escape from the stresses of modern society and a world where everything is wrapped in cotton wool. The Next Headland offers a glimpse into Jeff’s life and shows his intimacy with the coastline and passion for exploring headland after headland. 

Director: Greg Dennis

Co-Director: James Aiken

Producer: Lisa Kinkaid

  • Wood On Water

Wood On Water is the story of a 40-day, traditional, strenuous and all-female adventure. The canoe trip takes place in the Canadian wilderness with 12 young women, nine of whom are teenagers. There’s only one thing we know for sure; these girls won’t see each other at their best. Think bug-bitten, cold and chest-deep in muskeg bog while carrying incredibly heavy canoes on their heads. It’s a counter-culture summer, spent exploring physical surroundings and inner selves free from mainstream society’s expectations. 

Director: Hannah Maia
Producer: Maxine Christopher

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