Rio Rica

The Little Snake River is the last of its kind in the Colorado River Basin. It does the work that keeps the rest of the Colorado River system functioning by moving millions of tons of sediment downstream in seasonal pulses, recharging downstream beaches and bottomland and critical fish habitat. It’s the last undammed major tributary between the Rockies and the Gulf of Mexico—for now. Follow Rica Fulton on an adventure discovering a hidden tributary of the Colorado River.

Director and Producer: Cody M. Perry

Duration: 16:08

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Director Biography - Cody M. Perry

Cody M. Perry is co-founder of Rig To Flip, a media company specializing in stories about the Colorado River Basin’s land, water and people. Cody has worked with non-profits, federal land agencies, outdoor brands, Tribes and western communities to create stories inspiring stewardship, awareness and engagement. Cody comes from a ranching family in southern Arizona and lives in Grand Junction Colorado. He’s worked as an outdoor educator, a ski patroller, writer and community organizer. His passion is telling stories about the West.