Adventure 2022 Virtual Program

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About the Adventure Program 2022

What does adventure mean to you? For the stars of the Adventure 2022 virtual program, it’s canoeing the first recorded descent of a little-known river in Northern Quebec’s remote polar tundra in Following Lines; and the risks of whitewater kayaking with crocodiles on class V endangered rivers in Kwanaza: The Drowning Diamond of Angola. Adventure is the burning curiosity keeping us sea kayaking around the Next Headland. Adventure can also be found in the mundane tasks of everyday life, just ask award-winning Australian filmmaker Beau Miles as he undertakes a four-day commute to work kayaking down a forgotten childhood river. Rent the Adventure 2022 virtual program and enjoy three hours of entertainment and seven of the best paddling films of the year.

Adventure 2022 Virtual Program Films:

Duration: 2 hours, 58 mins. 

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Image Credit: Following Lines