2017 Film Selection

2017 Intro

2017 Intro

2017 Bear Witness

Bear Witness

WINNER: Environmental Film, sponsored by ACA
Producer: Fitz Cahall | Nate Ptacek | Doug Niemela  Samantha Chadwick | Director: Nate Ptacek & Matt Van Biene
2017 Botella


Producer: Mike McKay, Director: Mike McKay
2017 Counter Balance

Counter Balance

Producer: O.A.R.S., Director: Gordon Klco
2017 Drawn to Water

Drawn To Water

Producer: Jacob Boling and Mark Deming, Director: Skip Armstrong
2017 Every Day Kayak Mistakes

Every Kayak Day Mistakes...

WINNER: Short Paddling Film, sponsored by Watersports Foundation
Producer: FTS Style, Director: Sebastien Leger
2017 Eyes of God

Eyes of God

WINNER: Whitewater Film, sponsored by Ottawa Valley
Producer: Olaf Obsommer, Director: Olaf Obsommer
2017 Kayak The Kwanza

Kayak The Kwanza

Producer: Carl Treeby, Director: Oscar Scafidi
2017 Labrador Passage

Labrador Passage

Producer: Peter Marshall Director: Peter Marshall

NOATAK: Return to the Arctic

Producer: Jason Fitzpatrick, Jen Serena, Ric Serena, Durand Trench, Director: Jason Fitzpatrick, Jen Serena, Ric Serena
2017 Rediscover North America

Rediscover North America

WINNER: Adventure Travel Film, sponsored by Kokatat
Producer: Winchell Delano, Director: Dan Flynn
2017 Sea Kayak Around Ireland

Sea Kayak Around Ireland

Producer: Cian Walsh, Director: Jon Hynes
2017 Sea Kayak Essentials Volume 2

Sea Kayak Essentials Volume 2 - Safety and Rescue

WINNER: Instructional Film, sponsored by Thompson Rivers University
Producer: Matthew Giblin & Nick Cunliffe, Director: Matthew Giblin & Nick Cunliffe
2017 SUP Surfing Barbados

SUP Surfing Barbados

WINNER: SUP Film, sponsored by Pelican
Producer: Heliconia, Director: Anthony Poulin

2017 SUP Surfing 101

SUP Surfing 101

Producer: Heliconia, Director: Ken Whiting
2017 canoe

The Canoe

WINNER: Canoeing Film, sponsored by Silverbirch
Producer: Goh Iromoto, Director: Goh Iromoto

2017 Kayak Fishing Experience

The Kayak Fishing Experience

WINNER: Kayak Fishing Film, sponsored by Pelican
Producer: Heliconia, Director: Kelsey Thompson
2017 Under The Bridge

Under the Bridge

Producer: Michael Craig - Teeny Tiny Films, Director: Michael Craig
2017 What You Take Away

What You Take Away: A Colorado River Reflection

Producer: Jeremy Monroe / Freshwaters Illustrated, Director: Jeremy Monroe & David Herasimtschuk
2017 why


Producer: We Are Hungry, Director: Hugo Clouzeau
2017 Women Outward Bound

Women Outward Bound

WINNER: Documentary Film, sponsored by the Canadian Canoe Museum
Producer: Maxine Davis, Melody Gilbert, Director: Maxine Davis

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