Adrenaline 2022 Virtual Program

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About the Adrenaline Program 2022 

The Adrenaline 2022 virtual program showcases paddlers exploring the edge of their skills while pushing the limits of what is possible in kayaks, canoes and rafts. Aniol Serrasolses takes us whitewater kayaking over jaw-dropping 60-foot waterfalls in the land of fire and ice in the award-winning film, Jötunn. Go sea kayaking and fight the internal battles we face when challenged by something filling us with the sense of pure excitement in My Dear Fear. These are the heart-thumping moments we crave and fear. Then there are uncomfortable moments of anxiety necessary to push us past bigger challenges like ensuring the paddling industry is more inclusive, as whitewater rafter Ash Manning does in All Bodies. Rent the Adrenaline 2022 virtual program and get your pulse racing with these 11 breathtaking films.   

Adrenaline Program 2022 Films: 

Duration: 2 hours, 42 mins. 

How It Works
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Image Credit: Jötunn.