Lakes - 2021 Virtual Program

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The Lakes Program begins with 24 Leeches, this year’s Best Canoeing Film winner and one of the most touching and inspirational family paddling adventures of all time. Dig out your woolly beanies and join the four snowboarder dudes who went canoe tripping in search of epic backcountry powder while the temperatures dipped to record breaking -40°C. In 50 Little Birds, folk artist Geoff David finds peace and his life’s purpose. Will you? Maybe it’s a 30,000-mile canoe journey like the Starkell’s Paddle to the Amazon—not even pirates or flesh-eating insects could stop the greatest canoe trip ever taken.

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Price: $15 USD | Duration: 2hr 49 min
(10-day rental once you make your purchase)


Rental Period: 10-Day Rental