Wild and Still

Wild and Still

Known for extreme expeditions in remote areas around the world, the We Are Hungry crew set out on a different style of trip. With the Ubaye River as the main character, the kayakers seek the river’s source high in the Alps. From there, they follow the Ubaye as closely as they can through trickling streams and tight gorges, around dams and over reservoirs, hoping to reach the sea and find the answer to the question: What is a river?

Director: Hugo Clouzeau 

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Director Biography - Hugo Clouzeau

Hugo makes films like a craftsman. By being invested in the whole process of creation and production. Each film is unique.

He has worked for ten years for documentary. Rich of this experience he doesn’t hesitate to exchange his computer mouse and his screens for a camera.

Realize his own projects and merge his passion for production with the one for kayaking and adventure.