Paddle to the Amazon 
A proudly Canadian story!!

Their plan was surprisingly simple, their journey anything but.
Don Starkell and his two sons, Dana and Jeff, would paddle and portage from Winnipeg, Canada south to the Mississippi River along the Gulf of Mexico on to the headwaters of the Amazon River at Belem Brazil.

Battling a barrage of internal and external conflicts, their epic canoe trip threatens to take them beyond their physical and psychological limits. Don and Dana Starkell face unimaginable challenges from both the natural world and the human world.

While they anticipate their biggest challenge to be from nature, it is their unwitting entrance onto the battlefields of social and political strife that threatens their lives. In short, being in the wrong place at the wrong time sees them attacked by pirates, arrested for being spies and shot at.

No less intriguing is the evolving relationship between father and son who for 2 years spend 24 hours together within the confines of a canoe, a situation that comes to blows of its own as father and son jockey for dominance. With determination, grit and sometimes sheer madness Dana and Don Starkell survive their paddle to the Amazon and enter The Guinness Book of World Records for the longest trip ever made by canoe.

Director and Producer: Chris Forde

Duration: 1:36:40

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