20% of virtual ticket sales support local hosts

We love coming together for live local screenings of the Paddling Film Festival World Tour. We don’t mean live-streaming; we mean lights, curtains, popcorn in-theatre screenings. Our festival will always revolve around them. But this year, we’ve had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as limited in-theatre screenings, we are offering some of our favorite films online, so you can stream them from the comfort and safety of your home. Click on the link below to find support a local host. We donate 20%-35% every time you buy virtual screenings, gift cards or magazine subscriptions through their special affiliate link.


The Long River Home

The Long River Home is about overcoming the residual impacts of war through kayaking. Aaron Howell and Russell Davies are combat veterans who were injured in war and came together for another mission as they guide blind Navy veteran, Lonnie Bedwell, on his third trip through the Grand Canyon. Together, they learn negotiating the rapids of life is as simple as forming a team, kicking out in the current, and finding a line through the chaos.


Hawaii means many things to many people. For Nick Wakida, his homeland of Maui is tied to community and that community is part of a larger family. 


Banks is to kayakers what the North Shore of Hawaii is to surfers, and Yosemite is to climbers. The river terrified Ryan when he was growing up, but it kept calling to him. 


Standup paddler Michael Walther, photographer Daniell Bohnhof and filmmaker Maximilian Stolarow follow a route from Aasiaat to Ilulissat to discover life on the rough island in the past and present.